Offred's (first) daughter is a minor, yet important character in The Handmaid's Tale. She is the daughter of Offred (June) and Luke. She was born prior to the rise of the Republic of Gilead, and was separated from her parents after the regime came to power. Her real name is never mentioned in the novel. In the television series,, her name is Hannah. She is portrayed by Jordana Blake.

In the novel Edit

Offred's daughter was born a few years before Gilead came to power, when Offred was twenty-five years old. Offred does not mention her daughter's name, presumably to protect her identity, though she often speaks about her throughout the story. When Offred's daughter was an infant, her mother took her to a store, where a delusional woman who was implied to have lost her own baby attempted to abduct her, believing her to be her own child. Fortunately, Offred realised her daughter was missing and caught up to the woman, who was apprehended, and the little girl was returned to her mother unharmed.

When Gilead toppled the US government, Offred's daughter was around five years old and was unaware of the upheaval and growing danger to her family. Her parents attempted to flee across the border with her to Canada, telling her only that they were going on a day trip and giving her a light sedative during the journey, so that she would not panic or inadvertently give them away to the authorities. Unfortunately, as they were attempting to cross the border, they were ambushed by soldiers. Luke told Offred to take their daughter and run, and Offred fled with the girl, half-carrying her due to the sedative still wearing off. Unfortunately, they were caught and the soldiers took Offred's daughter away from her, saying she would be given to a 'worthy' family.

Three years later, Offred has neither seen or heard of her daughter. Serena Joy offers to get information on her daughter, if she will sleep with Nick to conceive a child, and Offred agrees, eager to learn what has become of her child. Serena Joy is able to get a photograph of Offred's daughter; she is now around eight years old, wearing a long white dress, and has apparently been adopted by a family loyal to the regime, who are taking good care of her. Offred breaks down in tears; although she is happy to see her daughter is alright, she has missed out on her growing up, can never see her and realises that her daughter may have forgotten about her. It is unknown if Offred and her daughter were ever reunited, or if her daughter had truly forgotten about her real parents.

In the Hulu series Edit

June's daughter is portrayed by Jordana Blake.

In the television adaption by Hulu, June's daughter is given the name Hannah. Her character remains much the same, although in the novel, she was Caucasian and described as having blonde hair, whilst in the television series, she is of mixed ethnicity, her mother being Caucasian whilst her father is African American. Another change is that the attempted abduction occurred when Hannah was a newborn, in the hospital where she was born, with the attempted abductor killing a nurse and stealing Hannah, before her parents found her. The woman, who is implied to have lost her own child, believes Hannah to be her baby, but is stopped by the police and arrested before she can leave the hospital with Hannah.

In later episodes we learn that Hannah lives a few hours away, and her placement parents may be Commander and Mrs. McKenzie.