Night is the 10th and final episode of Season 1 on the Hulu series The Handmaid's Tale.

Plot Edit

Serena Joy discovers that Offred went to the Jezebel's club with Mr. Waterford and strikes Offred down on the ground to punish her. She then forces Offred to take a pregnancy test, which then shows that Offred is pregnant.

Serena Joy reveals the good news to Mr. Waterford and tells him the baby isn't even his because he is weak. Offred is miserable after hearing the news because she doesn't want to bring a child into this unjust world.

Serena Joy then takes Offred on a surprise trip, several hours away. Serena meets with Hannah, Offred's daughter, to show Offred that if she harms herself or the baby then Hannah will be in danger. Offred screams in misery and calls Serena an evil monster. Offred then runs to Mr. Waterford to ask him to protect her daughter.

All of the handmaidens are called to come together to punish someone who endangered a child. To their surprise, that someone is Janine. The handmaidens can't bring themselves to kill one of their own so they all silently protest and refuse to stone Janine. Aunt Lydia promises that they will all be punished and sends them home.

Moira manages to escape to Ontario, Canada. She ends up in a refugee camp where she is given clothes, a phone, money, and food. Luke comes and finds her there and she bursts into tears when they are reunited.

In the last scene, Offred is in her room waiting for someone to come and punish her. Nick comes in and tells Offred to "Just go with it" and insists that she trust him. Two armed guards come in and lead Offred away, to the surprise and horror of Serena Joy and Fred. Offred walks off willingly, unsure if this is her end or a brand new beginning.

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