"Men don't change."
          - Naomi to Serena Joy [1]

Naomi Putnam is a minor character in The Handmaid's Tale as the wife of Commander Warren, to whom Janine, or Ofwarren, as she is known, is assigned to.

In the TV Series Edit

Ofwarren (Janine) gives birth to a child, named "Angela" by the Putnams, but "Charlotte" by Ofwarren.[2]

Ofwarren/Janine's daughter (Angela) is presented to Commander Putnam and his wife. Janine, now known as Ofdaniel, is taken to her new home. Later at night, Janine is standing on the edge of a bridge with Angela. Various Gileadan guards, the Putnams, Waterfords, Offred, and Aunt Lydia are also present. Janine loudly accuses Commander Putnam of lying to her and accuses him of having promised to leave his wife for her. Offred is able to convince Janine to give her the child but Janine jumps, attempting suicide. She is pulled out by the guards. Commander Putnam is later seen being led into a black van by guards due to the accusations made by Janine. Serena Joy tries to offer comfort to Mrs. Putnam and offers help with the baby, which she curtly refuses. Mrs. Putnam then reminds Serena of the first Offred, saying that "men don't change". [1].

According to the chairman of the trial, Commander Pryce, Mrs. Putnam has asked him that her husband receive the harshest punishment possible, as she "fears for his immortal soul and knows that he must make an offering to God to find redemption". Ultimately, Warren's left hand is amputated.[3].

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