Mayday is a secret resistance group who works to oppose and bring down the Republic of Gilead from the inside. It is unknown how many members there are, though anyone can be allowed to join. Ofglen mentions that it is better if the rebels do not known too much about the numbers or identities of their comrades, in case one of them is captured and interrogated. Members of Mayday can identify each other by speaking the code words 'May day' in conversation. Mayday act as spies, gaining information from important members of Gileadean society, and help political targets escape to safety. People from all walks of Gileadean society are members, including Handmaids and Guardians. It is even possible that members of the Eyes serve as double agents for Mayday. It is revealed that some people outside of Mayday are aware of the organisation, but are not necessarily members or openly support the rebels. It's hinted that Gilead tries to keep knowledge of Mayday quiet, executing captured members of Mayday on trumped up charges, presumably to prevent people from being encouraged to join.

Known Members Edit

  • Ofglen
  • Nick (possibly)
  • Offred
  • Unnamed man (executed for allegedly raping a Handmaid)

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