Luke was the husband of Offred and the father of her daughter before the Republic of Gilead's formation. He was separated from his wife and child when they were captured trying to flee the country and it is unknown whether he is alive or dead.

In the novel Edit

Luke is implied to be a few years older than Offred. He was married to another woman, but was evidently unhappy in his relationship, as he began an affair with Offred, his co-worker. They would meet in a hotel room. Eventually, Luke left his first wife to marry Offred and they had a daughter together. Luke seemed to get on well with Offred's mother, despite her generally low opinion of men and he enjoyed cooking.

Unfortunately, when the Gileadean regime took over the United States of America, Luke realised his family would be targeted, due to his being divorced and remarried. Luke obtained fake passports for himself and his family and they attempted to escape over the border to Canada. Unfortunately, they were ambushed on the way. Luke is shot whilst ordering Offred to take their daughter and run. As Offred is then captured and sedated, she never finds out if Luke was killed or merely injured.

Three years on, Offred doesn't know if he is alive or not. She occasionally daydreams about being reunited with him and often reminds herself not to refer to him in past tense, implying that Offred knows he is probably dead, but clings to the hope he's alive. Luke's final fate is left ambiguous; in the novel's epilogue, its even implied that Luke probably isn't his real name and was actually a pseudonym used by Offred, presumably to protect his true identity.

In the TV seriesEdit

Luke is portrayed by O-T Fagbenle.

His character remains largely the same, although one difference is that in the TV adaption, he is depicted as African American, whereas in the book he is Caucasian. His full name is stated as Lucas Bankole. He was born 29th April, 1980 in Nyack, a former state of New York.

Luke helps rescue his newborn daughter from a delusional woman who tries to kidnap her from the hospital; in the book, the attempting kidnapped occurred when his daughter was a few weeks old, at a store, and Luke was not present.

In the sixth episode, 'A Woman's Place', Offred is informed by Mr Flores, the Mexican ambassador's assistant, that Luke is alive, whereas Offred had assumed he was killed when they were captured at the border (though she did not witness his death, she heard shots being fired and never saw him again). Mr Flores knows Luke's full name, birthdate and birthplace, and also knows Offred's real name prior to meeting her, implying that what he says may be true. Mr Flores offers to help Offred contact Luke.

In the seventh episode, 'The Other Side', it's revealed that Luke was shot, but survived and was loaded into an ambulance to treated and interrogated. However, the ambulance crashed, allowing Luke to take one of the Guardians' uniforms to disguise himself and escape. He stumbled across a group of rebels, who initially attacked him, believing him to be a Guardian. When he was able to convince them he was actually a fugitive, they ceased being hostile to him and took him in, treating his wounds. Luke joined with the rebels to survive and find a way to rescue his wife and daughter.

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