"Welcome to the friggin' loony bin."
        - Janine comments her indoctrination at the Red Center[1]

Janine, also known as Ofwarren, is a supporting character in The Handmaid's Tale. She is a Handmaid whom Offred met at the Red Center. In the television series, she is portrayed by Madeline Brewer.

In the novelEdit

Life Prior to Gilead Edit

Janine apparently worked as a waitress prior to the rise of the Republic of Gilead. She had a young daughter (it is not mentioned if she was married). When Janine was fourteen, she was gang-raped and fell pregnant as a result, but had an abortion.

Life at the Red Center Edit

After Gilead's creation, Janine was rounded up, separated from her daughter and sent to the Red Center. The emotionally fragile Janine was quickly broken down by the Aunts - she was forced to 'confess' her sins and told the story of her gang-rape and abortion. The Aunts declared that Janine brought the rape upon herself and the other Handmaids were made to shame Janine, who eventually agreed that what happened was her fault and that God had been teaching her a lesson. Janine often cried in the night over her lost daughter. At one point, she seemed to suffer a complete mental breakdown, believing she was living her old life again and asking people for their orders. This prompted Moira to slap Janine and speak harshly to her, in order to get her to snap out of it, as the Aunts would show her no mercy. She was mentioned as being a favourite of Aunt Lydia's due to her submissive nature.

Life in Gilead Edit

When Offred meets Janine again, she is assigned to a Commander Warren and his Wife, being known as Ofwarren. Janine is heavily pregnant and flaunts this publically, as this is regarded as the greatest thing a Handmaid can accomplish. It is rumoured that the real father of Janine's baby is not Commander Warren, but her doctor, due to Warren's infertility, and Warren's Wife secretly arranged this to get a child.

Janine goes into labour and Offred, Ofglen and several other Handmaids attend the birth to support her. Janine delivers a seemingly healthy baby girl, who is immediately given to the Wife and named Angela. Janine is exhausted and emotionally drained from the experience, but Offred reasons that she will never be declared an Unwoman now. Unfortunately, Janine's triumph is short-lived, as baby Angela turns out to be a "shredder" and does not live. Janine is distraught by this and the trauma takes its toll on her mental well-being. When Offred next sees her at the Particicution, Janine appears to be insane, barely reacting to the events of the day and not responding even when Offred calls her by her real name. She doesn't appear to recognize Offred, merely smiles pleasantly at her and wishes her a good day before wandering off. Janine's fate is unknown.

In the TV series Edit

Ofwarren is portrayed by actress Madeline Brewer.

In the television adaption, Janine is somewhat more rebellious. She initially stands up to the Aunts in the Red Center, telling Aunt Lydia to "Fuck off" and she is punished by having her right eye removed[1]. Rather than a daughter, she has a son named Caleb, who was taken away when Gilead rose to power[2] . She named her newborn daughter Charlotte and believed that her Commander, Warren, was in love with her. He promised her they would run away together and be a family, though this is considered a lie so he could persuade her to do sexual activities with him that his wife wouldn't do. She clearly dislikes Mrs Putnam, disliking her obvious inexperience when it came to handling her baby and even biting her at one point when she tried to take her child.[3]

In the ninth episode 'The Bridge', Janine suffers a psychological breakdown after she is taken away to become Ofdaniel, reverting to a child-like state during the Ceremony and insisting that "he" (Warren) is coming for her. She is later able to make her way back to the Putnams and abducts her baby daughter. She is found standing on the edge of a bridge over a river, holding her daughter and threatening to throw herself off. When Warren tries to dissuade her, she becomes infuriated and reveals his promises to her and the sexual things he made her do behind his wife's back. Offred is brought forward to try and talk her down. She seemingly manages to get through to Janine, who hands over her daughter to Offred, only to go ahead with her suicide attempt moments later, jumping into the frozen water. She survives, but is taken to hospital in a critical condition[4].

By Night, Janine has largely recovered, but for endangering her daughter by almost jumping with the baby, she is sentenced to death. The other Handmaids are ordered to stone her to death, but all of them defy Aunt Lydia's orders after the new Ofglen and Offred refused to throw their stones at Janine[5].

Notes Edit

It is currently unknown what happened to Janine after the incident in the 10th episode.

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