Erin is a supporting character in the television adaption of The Handmaid's Tale. She is a former Handmaid saved by rebels and currently living in Little America with Luke. Erin is portrayed by Erin Way.

In the TV series Edit

Erin is portrayed by Erin Way and is an exclusive character for the TV series.

Seen for the first time with rebels who find and rescue Luke, she seems traumatized by events prior to her affiliation with the others. A red tag is attached to her ear - a device used to identify Handmaids. She refuses to speak, even to her saviors, who do not know her name.

During an attempt to escape to Canada, the rebels are attacked by Guardians. Erin is distraught when Zoe is murdered while the rest of the rebels escape on a boat to New Brunswick.

Erin is seen three years later in Little America, Canada. She lives with Luke and apparently is in much better shape mentally, but seems to remain speechless.

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