"We let them forget their real purpose. We won't let that happen again."
        - Warren about women's roles in the society [1]

Commander Warren is a recurring character in The Handmaid's Tale. He is a Commander in the Republic of Gilead and the husband of Naomi Putnam, to whom Janine, or Ofwarren, as she is known, is assigned to.

In the novel Edit

Commander Warren is presumably an older man who supported Gilead's rise to power. For his loyalty, he became a Commander and he and his barren wife Naomi were assigned a Handmaid. It is implied that Warren himself is infertile, and that his Wife and Ofwarren colluded to have Ofwarren sleep with her doctor to conceive and pass the child off as Warren's. It is unknown if Warren was in on this plan or suspected it. Ofwarren successfully conceived and gave birth to a daughter, Angela; unfortunately, the baby was born with defects and only lived for a few weeks.

In the TV series Edit

Commander Warren's full name is Warren Putnam. In the series, he has a slightly larger role.

After the takeover Edit

To Fred's dismay, Serena is not allowed to give an (eagerly anticipated) speech in a government building, now controlled by the Sons of Jacob. Warren blames the current society for Serenas frustration, explaining they gave women "more than they could handle" and "let them forget their real purpose".[1]

In the present Edit

Janine (Ofwarren) gives birth to a daughter, Angela, which she for herself names Charlotte[2]. She reveals to June that she is having a secret affair with Commander Warren, who claims that he loves her and intends to run away with her and their daughter.[3]

After Angela's weaning however, Warren has Janine hand out Angela to his wife and lets her be reassigned to Commander Daniel Monroe, leaving her distraught and even more unstable than ever. In the night after her first Ceremony with the Monroes, Janine finds her way back to the Putnams, takes Angela and stands on the edge of a bridge with the baby, threatening to jump off after being caught up. When the Putnams, Waterfords, June, and Aunt Lydia show up, Janine loudly accuses Commander Putnam of lying to her and having promised to leave his wife for her. June is able to convince Janine to give her the child but Janine jumps, attempting suicide. She is pulled out by the guards.[4]

Commander Putnam is later seen being led into a black van by guards due to the accusations made by Janine. [4]

Mrs. Putnam asks Commander Pryce that her husband receive the harshest punishment possible, as she fears for his immortal soul. Ultimately, Warren's left hand is amputated.[5]

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