Commanders of the Faithful, or simply Commanders, are a class of men in the Republic of Gilead. They are the highest ranking members of Gileadean society.

Role Edit

Commanders serve as politicians and law makers, working in Gilead's government. In the early days of Gilead, the Commanders were primarily men who brought about or supported the rise of the regime and most are staunch believers in Gilead. That being said, some Commanders are known to secretly break Gilead's laws to indulge in forbidden luxuries or activities, such as using the black market to gain contraband items such as alcohol and cigarettes and visiting the brothel, Jezebel's.

Because of their high status, Commanders are permitted to marry, though because most of them are older men, many already have Wives. They are also allowed the 'privilege' of having a Handmaid assigned to them. Commanders are usually wealthy and live comfortable lives, served by Guardians and Marthas. However, their lives are not all rosy; they are watched by the Eyes, like every other citizen, and can have their privileges revoked, or even face imprisonment or execution if found guilty of subversion. Many Commanders were killed and replaced during political Purges in the early years of Gilead. Some Commanders also feel stifled by the regime, as it takes away things they enjoyed about the old world and forces them to conform to the new society's beliefs and values, although many seem to be either oblivious or uncaring of the more severe loss of rights and freedoms to women under Gilead.

Notable Commanders Edit

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