Christine is a minor character in the TV series. She is a Catholic nun attempting to flee the Republic of Gilead alongside Zoe, Lyla, Peter, and Erin.

Before Gilead Edit

Almost nothing is known about Christine's life before the rise of Gilead, except that she was a nun; presumably, this is why she was attempting to flee to Canada.[1]

After the Takeover Edit

Christine and her group are en-route to the Canadian border when they stop at a small town to retrieve supplies. They encounter an injured Luke Bankole and, after he convinces them that he is not a Guardian, take him with them. After Zoe manages to stabilize Luke's wounds, Christine and Peter reveal to Luke that Erin was rescued from a "training center" and that Gilead had begun rounding up fertile women.

When the group attempts to cross into Canada on a boat, they are ambushed by Guardians; Zoe is killed, and Christine, Peter, and Lyla are presumably killed or captured, since only Luke and Erin are seen successfully fleeing on the boat.[1]

References Edit

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