Angels are the soldiers of the Republic of Gilead. They serve in Gilead's army and one of the highest ranking classes in the Republic, second only to Commanders.

Attire Edit

Angels wear smart, black uniforms.

Role Edit

Angels fight Gilead's wars and protect the country's borders. They also guard the Rachel and Leah Center. Angels are usually very devoted to the regime, as evidenced by the Angels not being swayed by Moira's attempts to seduce one to try and escape. They are rewarded for their loyalty and devout belief in Gilead with their high status. Angels are allowed many privileges, including being allowed to have a Wife. Some Angels are even permitted to have a Handmaid, though this usually only happens after they served Gilead well for several years. Guardians who serve well are eventually promoted to the rank of Angel, and so there are some Angels who are young men. Offred describes one Angel as barely looking out of his teens and guesses that he was recently promoted. However, it's implied that most Angels are slightly older. Angels are seen as heroes in Gilead, defending the citizens and their way of life, and bringing the 'wrath of God' onto the nation's enemies.

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