"I am from Xipica. There hasn't been a child born alive in Xipica in six years. My country is dying."
          - Castillo explaining her interest in Handmaids.[1]

Mrs. Castillo is an ambassador of Mexico in the Republic of Gilead.

In the TV SeriesEdit

Ambassador Castillo is from a small town in Mexico, about the size of Boston, called Xipica. This town is dying, as they have not had any children born for six years.

Mexican delegates visit the Commander's home in an effort to create partnerships in trade and see the effects of the Gilead cultural movement. As the head of the Mexican delegation, Mrs. Castillo questions Offred about her experience in Gilead. With great self-control, Offred tells them, "I have found happiness".

Later, the Handmaids are then taken to a party to honour Gilead and show the foreign delegates their success, including presenting the children of Gilead. Alma remarks that the delegates are interested in fertile women as a commodity to be traded between the two nations. The next day, as the delegates are leaving, Offred tells them the brutal truth about Gilead. The Handmaid pleads for their help, but Castillo claims that she cannot help Offred and explains her own country's dire situation.[1]


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